FOX’s Gotham has more than a few monsters to contend with in its early Season 3 episodes, before eventually introducing Walking Dead star Benedict Samuel for its take on Batman villain The Mad Hatter. This version is nowhere near as colorful (or grating) as Johnny Depp’s, however, as made clear in the first official footage.

Ahead of Monday’s premiere, Gotham revealed a new look at “Mad Hatter” Jervis Tetch (who won’t arrive in Season 3 for a few episodes), as the character brandishes a pocketwatch to threaten a hapless victim. The Mad Hatter will arrive in town searching for his sister (Alice, obviously), using some formidable hypnosis skill to get what he wants.

Elsewhere, Season 3 will also introduce us to the Tweedle brothers, the Court of Owls, Maggie Geha’s aged-up Poison Ivy, Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale, a returning Fish Mooney, Bruce’s clay-faced double, other monsters and potentially Solomon Grundy. Plus, did someone say “Joker Cult” waiting in the wings? What about the man himself?

We’ll learn more of Gotham Season 3 in the coming days, but what do we make of the latest? Check out the photos and trailers below.

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