The second season of FOX’s Gotham ended on the notably WTF sight of a long-haired Bruce Wayne emerging from the bus of Indian Hill escapees, a figure prominently playing into Season 3 promotion thus far. Any number of explanations could account for a Bruce Wayne doppelgänger, but per a revealing new interview, we’ve actually already seen where the mystery double came from.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, but Gotham executive producer John Stephens spoke candidly to TVInsider in an interview on the upcoming season, wherein the character was repeatedly referred to as “Clayface Bruce Wayne.” For those unaware, Season 2 introduced Brian McManamon as Basil Karlo, alternately known as shapeshifting Batman villain Clayface.

Gotham Season 2 Clayface

Granted, that Clayface impersonated Gordon long enough to get caught and find himself in a GCPD cell, leaving it unlikely he and the doppelgänger Bruce Wayne are intended to be one and the same. Rather, the character is likely a different variation on Hugo Strange’s Clayface experiments, one the article claims is “going to have major repercussions next year as well.”

Elsewhere, Season 3 will also introduce us to Benedict Samuel’s Mad Hatter, the Tweedle brothers, the Court of Owls, Maggie Geha’s aged-up Poison Ivy, Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale, a returning Fish Mooney, other monsters and potentially Solomon Grundy. Plus, did someone say “Joker Cult” waiting in the wings?

We’ll learn more of Gotham Season 3 in the coming days, but what do we make of the latest?

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