FOX’s Gotham has never exactly been the paragon of patience, waiting all of 15 episodes before introducing a proto-Joker to its young Bruce Wayne. The same holds true of Season 3, as even death won’t keep Cameron Monaghan’s “Jerome” from confirming a return appearance.

Yes, even as producers have teased the prospect of a “Joker Cult” forming through Seasons 3 and 4 in Jerome’s wake, the man himself couldn’t be bothered to hang back. Star Cameron Monaghan took to Twitter to less-than-subtly confirm his return:



Previously, the FOX DC drama tipped heavily toward the character’s Joker future, before Season 2 outing “The Last Laugh” threw a wrench in that theory by killing off Jerome, and insinuating his legacy as a “Joker Virus” on the city. Jerome himself has scarcely been referenced since (save for an audio cameo in the Season 2 finale), but there’s little argument Cameron Monaghan produced the strongest fan responses Gotham has seen yet.

FOX has not yet released details of Monaghan’s return to the role, but what should we make of the pseudo-Joker’s apparent return from the grave? Is Season 3 shaping up to be as much of a Mad City as it promises?

Gotham Season 3 will premiere on Monday, September 19.


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