Gotham Season 3 production is well-underway, to the point we’ve seen Vicki Vale’s family and some serious monsters on city streets, and it seems the famed Court of Owls may already be making their presence known. A new production tease has Bruce facing some mysterious adversaries, one of which Comic-Con may already have introduced us to.

Following the first official footage tease at Comic-Con 2016, FOX’s Gotham released a few new production teases for both Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. The former’s case seems to again paint the future Catwoman in Fish Mooney’s employ, while the latter has Bruce confronting an offscreen figure. Might this be the same Owl-masked woman we’ve seen in other promos, not to mention a black-clad, Talon-ous fellow previously seen facing off with Alfred?



Elsewhere, Season 3 will also introduce us to Walking Dead star Benedict Samuel as Gotham’s take on the Mad Hatter, plus the Tweedle brothers, the Court of Owls, Maggie Geha’s questionably aged-up Poison Ivy, Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale, a returning Fish Mooney and other monsters, along with a more true-to-comics Solomon Grundy than Arrow offered. Lest we forget, a certain laughing madman made a distinctly audible return in the Season 2 finale, and will likely resurface as well.

We’ll learn more of Gotham Season 3 in the coming months, but what do we make of the latest look? Check out the first trailers below.


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