FOX pre-Batman drama Gotham owes at least some debt to The CW’s pre-Superman series Smallville, but could the two ever actually meet? Superman appears to have been freed up for DC’s TV series, and Gotham’s own Bruce Wayne wants to see a young Clark Kent crossing over as soon as possible.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as DC TV boss Greg Berlanti recently took time to specify that Bat-characters weren’t heading to the four-way CW DC-verse anytime soon. That said, it’s at least plausible that Smallville, Metropolis and a young Clark Kent exist somewhere outside of Gotham, for which star David Mazouz tells IGN the FOX drama should take a cue from Zack Snyder’s geography:

I think it’d be really cool to have a young Clark Kent on the show. To have a 15-year-old Clark Kent. I know in Batman v Superman they played it like Metropolis and Gotham are twin cities, so it wouldn’t be that hard to take a boat ride over for Clark. […]
Going back to the Superman, you know, Clark Kent as a teenager saves a busload of kids from drowning, right? It would just be really cool to just start a scene in the GCPD and just pan, like start on a newspaper that says, 15-year-old boy in Metropolis saves busload of kids from drowning. And then just pan up and have a regular scene that has nothing to do with the … throw a little hint.

Mazouz specifically doubted that producers might work out a connection between Gotham and the recently-added Superman of The CW, but the idea of a young Clark Kent’s exploits has at least some merit. Then again, Smallville succeeded with with its ability to chart Clark’s development over time, where Bruce Wayne typically leaves Gotham to transition into Batman, so might any tease of a young Superman promise something that pulls focus from Bruce?

In the meantime, Gotham Season 3 will premiere this September, adding plenty of its own wrinkles to Bruce’s batty world.


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