You may not know Danny Cannon's name, but if you have ever watched CSI:, odds are you've seen his work. Cannon has directed 25 episodes of that long-running CBS series in addition to serving as executive producer on The CW's Nikita.

Now, according to Deadline he's in line to direct the pilot episode for Fox's upcoming Gotham series, which may more may not include a young Bruce Wayne. He'll also be an executive producer.

Indeed, Fox has been relatively mum about the new series, which is set to start shooting in March, presumably for a fall debut. Here's what we know: The series will focus on James Gordon in the years before he gained the title of commissioner, likely when he was detective fresh in Gotham from Chicago. Rumor has it the pilot will see him investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, but Deadline's report unequivocally states that Bruce Wayne won't be a regular on the show.

Promo materials for the show also promise to focus on "the villains that made Gotham famous," which would indicate that supervillans are going to be present in the city well before Bruce Wayne even considers donning a cape and cowl.

Cannon's involvement deepens the show's CBS pedigree, which it already had given that Bruno Heller of The Mentalist is executive producing as well as writing the pilot's script. That may be an indication the show will be more of a week-to-week procedural than a bigger, serialized story, but who knows? Arrow certainly changed a bunch over a season and  a half.

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