A documentary about Grant Morrison has gained a distributor, and comic book fans have gained one more thing to be excited about. The documentary is entitled "Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods"; a good title that hints at not only Morrison's reputation as the ecstatic mystic of the comic book world but the awe he inspires in the vast majority of comic book fans.

"Halo-8", the distributor of the movie, describes itself as "specializing in iconoclastic" films. Interesting, then, that they would choose a film about one of the most iconic creators in comics. The man is on the cover of books about his work. He's instantly recognizable. He may not have been around as long as Stan Lee, but any room at any Con will ripple with whispers the moment he walks into it. He's a legend.

Check out a new trailer for the documentary after the jump.

Not only that, he works very faithfully with the legends he's given. Morrison's "All Star Superman," was one of the most iconic works about Superman ever made. It incorporated decades of minor, yet recognizable, content into one storyline. Morrison's run on Batman did much of the same, drawing on Batman stories, villains, and plot quirks that had been embedded so far back in the Bat mythos that they'd been forgotten.

Morrison doesn't destroy icons, but he has a gift for reinterpreting them. Superman becomes kinder, brighter, and more powerful until he literally melds with the sun. Batman turns every more introspective and paranoid until he folds in on himself. Characters in Morrison's books turn into themselves so much that they become unrecognizable.

It's following the charted course until it becomes extreme that is really Grant Morrison's gift. Fortunately, it's one that makes the creator as interesting as it does the characters. The more this documentary focuses on Grant Morrison's process, his thoughts and impressions of comic book characters, the better it's going to be. All signs point to it being screened at the New York Comic Con, so fans, buy your plane tickets.

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