A upcoming biopic on comics writer Grant Morrison ("The Invisibles," "Final Crisis") has released a trailer, and is now scheduled to debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. The documentary-style feature, which was created in collaboration with Morrison himself, sounds like it will be pretty thorough, and not shy about exploring some of the more eccentric aspects of Morrison's personal life, including his experiments with magic and sexuality:

"He was game for doing pretty much whatever we had in mind," Meaney said of the initial shooting. "We covered stories about his family, childhood and career. It was an extensive accounting."

There's a lot of ground to cover. Morrison has lived a very full life, from playing in rock bands to experimenting as a transvestite to becoming, like Alan Moore, a chaos magician. There's a lot of fertile ground in his personality alone, to say nothing of his sometimes autobiographical comics. In the process, Morrison has become a counterculture icon primed for mainstream crossover.

Check out the trailer after the jump, and see more clips over at Wired.

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