Hey there. How's your day going? Got a case of the Tuesdays? The post-coffee afternoon blahs? Well listen, I'm here to help, and no matter how your day's going, good or bad I am going to go ahead and guarantee that it can be dramatically improved by seeing Grant Morrison doing some intense dancing in space. Trust me.

Fortunately, we have that very thing. In a new music video released by Midnitemen, we see the writer of All Star Superman and Multiversity head out to the stars to rock out alongside cosmic warrior goddesses, with a signature move that I can only describe as "wizard hands." Give it a watch!



You may already be familiar with Midnitemen, the collaboration between DJ and club owner Wade Crescent and rapper Akira the Don --- that's him in the long black coat --- who killed off his old persona via mixtape a while back before being reborn in the new collective. That, I imagine, is something that Morrison probably found very appealing, given his own tendency to put on fiction suits and dive into his own comics. As for Akira, he's a long-time comic reader, so scoring an appearance from comics' friendliest sorcerer is undoubtedly a pretty big deal for him too.

By the way, if it looks like Morrison is doing some high-level spellcasting in the video, there's a reason for that: He is. When I asked Akira about it, he did in fact confirm that Morrison "went deep" on the set of the video and that, unsurprisingly, "it was amazing to watch."

Wizard hands, y'all.

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