Despite being one of the most celebrated comic book writers of the past thirty decades, Grant Morrison hasn't had the luck in having adaptations made from his work that some of his peers and contemporaries have. Projects have been in development for years and plans have fallen through, but Syfy has announced Grant Morrison is working on two projects --- one based on his and Darick Robertson's Happy! and intriguingly, an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's seminal novel Brave New World.

Morrison will be co-writing and executive producing both projects alongside Brian Taylor, who is best known for being one half of the team behind the Crank films and the second Ghost Rider film alongside film-making partner Mark Neveldine. Neveldine & Taylor are known for their innovative action sequences and non-stop frenetic pace, so it'll be interesting to see what one half of the duo brings to these two very different projects.

Brave New World is one of the classic sci-fi novels of the twentieth century and is often mentioned in the same breath as George Orwell's 1984. Set in a the near future, it focuses on a London that is ruled by the seemingly benevolent Ten Controllers whose harsh rules and suppression of free will are challenged by a pair of citizens who begin to see their society for what it truly is.

Happy!, on the other hand, was a four issue miniseries released by Image Comics that starred a drunk, washed-up ex-cop turned hitman on the case of a murderous Santa Clause while haunted by an unbearably cheerful and utterly imaginary blue cartoon horse named Happy while being hunted by both the cops and the mob.