Grant Morrison just announced a new seven-issue miniseries for DC called 'Multiversity' about the DC Multiverse, and the idea behind it is wildly ambitious:

"Back when we laid out the return of the Multiverse in 52, I asked if I could establish some of these books as potential ongoing series. We wanted to set up each universe as its own franchise. [...] So this is my big project for the next year, and I'm working on books for seven different parallel universes. Each one is a first issue with a complete story and series bible."

One of those universes (Earth 4) is the world of Charlton Comics superheroes, which the characters from 'Watchmen' were based on, and Morrison's story will involve both Captain Atom (Dr. Manhattan) and The Question (Rorschach): "

"...the mad notion I came up with was to do the Charlton characters in a story I'd construct as an update on that ludic Watchmen style - if Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had pitched the Watchmen now, rooted in a contemporary political landscape but with the actual Charlton characters instead of analogues!"

And because this is Morrison, the once morally absolute Rorschach now "sees the world through the multicolored lens of Spiral Dynamics" as The Question. I'm not sure I entirely understand what that means, but there are a lot of colors involved.

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