In our recurring feature, ComicsAlliance writer Chris Sims and a rotating cast of talented artists imagine a finer world to bring you a look at the Best Comics Ever that Did Not, Will Not, and occasionally Can Not Happen! This week, artist Dean Trippe joins us to look back at the Golden Age roots of the biggest Marvel crossover of the year!

Right now, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are battling it out against the Red Skull's sinister plot in Fear Itself, but it's not the first time a Nazi leader has sought to unleash the power of fear on America at a time of crisis! Find out how it all happened the first time around when Adolf Hitler battled President Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself in the pages of the sadly nonexistent Fear Itself: 1942! Check out the full cover and the story behind it:

Fear Itself: 1942 (March-April 1942)

Story by Chris Sims

Art by Dean Trippe

The World is at War and America is On the March! From his sinister occultist lair in the heart of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler has concocted a plan that could unleash total destruction on the heart of freedom! His target is the mystical Hammer of Skadi, and once he acquires it, der Fuhrer will unleash the power of the world's greatest fears! Could this be the end for Mr. and Mrs. America?!

Not if our fighting heroes have anything to say about it! With Captain America out of commission thanks to an evil plot by the Yellow Claw, President Roosevelt himself steps up to lead an Allied strike force against Hitler: Marvex, the Super Robot! The Human Torch! Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner! Rockman, the Underground Super Agent! And what team would be complete without the speed of The Whizzer!

But what happens when Hitler turns the power of fear against the heroes? Will the Human Torch shriek at the sight of snakes? Will the Whizzer live up to his name when confronted with a mouse? Will Marvex claim he has a stomachache to avoid getting on an airplane, even though he has no stomach? Will Rockman's agoraphobia give the Nazis the crucial advantage? Will Namor ever be able to conquer his crippling social anxiety?!

Will the heroes give in, or will Roosevelt be able to convince them that they're not going to fall off the face of the Earth into the sky forever and that most snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them? Find out in this truly titanic Timely tale!

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