Warner Bros. Animation has released the first video teaser for the forthcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Executive Produced by Bruce Timm, the much loved animator behind such DC Comics-based hits as Batman: The Animated series and Justice League Unlimited, the series is animated with 3D CGI models, stars Green Lantern Hal Jordan and the rest of the famous characters of the Green Lantern Corps, and will debut this year on Cartoon Network.

Fans of Green Lantern were delighted to learn last October that the new series will be set "98% in space," reflecting the cosmic adventure of the comic book series. Additionally, Timm confirmed last year that Kilowog will appear in nearly episode and that the series will feature lots of space murders for the GLC to investigate. The series will also include the Red Lanterns as enemies.

As for the footage, the show returns us to the pure idiosyncratic character style of Bruce Timm himself, which has been largely missing from television and home video animation, albeit in the form of CGI animation. Green Lantern by way of The Incredibles? A compelling concept. While the digital visuals may not be as luxurious as those seen in the recently released Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds, this animated incarnation is immediately reminiscent of the 1960s look of classic Green Lantern comics.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series will debut later this year with a 26-episode first season, starring the voices of Josh Keaton as Hal Jordan, Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog, Richard Green as Sinestro, Tony Todd as Atrocitus, Robert Englund as Hector Hammond and James Arnold Taylor as Guy Gardner. According to IMDB, even Dex-Starr will make an appearance in at least two episodes.

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