Even if you didn't love James Cameron's "avatar," it's hard to argue with the dollar signs. Studio executives see the green, attribute that success to the innovative 3-D technology, then stamp that same tech all over any big budget epic that they can. I understand the thought process, but I hope that studios don't apply that methodology to every single expensive epic that's coming down the cinematic pipe, especially when it comes to comic book fare.

"Green Lantern," however, is an exception. That's a film franchise that deserves a 3-D treatment due to the innovative nature of Hal Jordan's power ring. Can you imagine a massive green fist coming straight from the big screen and directly into your face? That's pretty cool, at least in my opinion! I would love to experience Hal's constructs in that way.

Luckily, that's exactly what Warner Bros. is thinking, as the studio announced yesterday that "Green Lantern" will get a 3-D release in June of 2011. More so than any other superhero movies, this is the one I think will benefit most from a 3-D angle. I'm really excited to see how this plays out under director Martin Campbell's watchful eye. Fingers crossed that he gets it right.
[Hat tip to Splash Page.]