Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new trailer for Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters that features extensive footage of in-game play. Tying-in to the upcoming Green Lantern film based on the legendary DC Comics superhero, Rise of the Manhunters appears to give players the freedom to do pretty much everything they would want to in a Green Lantern game (except kill all the other Green Lanterns, steal their rings and reboot the universe).The Manhunters were the first galactic police force created by the Guardians. When the android warriors didn't quite work out the way they'd hoped, the ancient blue men ditched them in favor of what became the Green Lantern Corps, whose membership included sentient beings from 3600 sectors of space. Unfortunately, the Manhunters eventually returned for revenge against their replacements.

Confirming what previously released screenshots suggested, the new Rise of the Manhunters trailer demonstrates how Green Lantern Hal Jordan can create constructs like giant fists, machine guns and force fields and of course fly while he battles his robotic enemies. Thankfully, most of the action appears to take place on the Green Lantern base planet Oa, giving the game designers ample latitude to go nuts with the movie's ultra-detailed aesthetic.

Featuring the voice of Green Lantern film star Ryan Renyolds as Hal Jordan, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters goes on sale June 7 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

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