Yesterday Comic Book Movie debuted the very first set photos from the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie staring Ryan Reynolds. As a fan of Geoff Johns' current GL run, I metaphorically rushed to check each shot out. Problem is, aside from a semi-blurry shot of Reynolds in what appeared to be a green ring, the images just aren't that exciting. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect to see Reynolds in costume in front of a green screen (or are they going to have to use blue screens for this one?), but straight shots of the cast and crew milling about just didn't yield a ton of clues about the film's plot.

So, in the spirit of spicing things up, I went ahead and employed my (very) crude Photoshop skills to help spread the excitement of the movie's 2011 release through outright photographic falsehoods.

Check out select shots in both their factual and incredibly fictitious forms after the jump to see which versions you prefer.Here we have Ryan Reynolds cold chillin' with some of the GL film crew. I can't tell who anyone is, but they seem like a cool bunch. Of course, wouldn't it be more exciting if they were all on an Oa set near a replica of the Green Lantern Corps' central power battery, basking in a warm, green glow?

And wait, if you zoom a little you can kind of make out....

Aha! It seems you can take the guy (and another guy and a girl) out of the pizza shop, but you can't take the pizza shop out of the guy - at least when you lie on the Internet.

Next we have another shot of Reynolds striking a thoughtful pose/yawning while the crew bustles through the set. That'd be kind of fun to see in person I suppose, but a sleepy Hal Jordan battling Mark Strong as Sinestro might make for a touch more amusement.

See what I mean? Those dudes are totally kooky!

But wait, is that a friend of Reynolds' dropping by for an unexpected set visit?

Ha! No, it's no friend. It's former "Blade Trinity" co-star Wesley Snipes making with his signature brand of mischief. That guy!

Next we see an unidentified fellow pausing for a moment of quiet reflection. Or is it a fellow? Could he secretly be one of the dreaded Manhunters? Anything is possible with the color balance tool and a little luck!

Lastly we see Reynolds walking somewhere, presumably to his automobile after a hard day's work. That's all well and good, however, his character Hal Jordan would probably wrap a ring-slinging shift by re-igniting Earth's sun or something. So, for the sake of seeing that happen on the Internet, here it is.

Oh, and is that Reynolds using his off hours to research his upcoming Deadpool solo movie role?

Mr. Reynolds, you have stolen our lying hearts.

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