For the past several months the only constant for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has seemed to be misfortune and/or change, but at least one new element of the $65+ million Broadway show has been locked in. Prolific cover artist (and recent ESPN Magazine illustrator) Greg Horn will be providing illustrations for the musical'sofficial program guide, plus select merchandise items.From Horn's official press release:

"I've worked on some mind-blowing jobs over the past 10 years, but this one might just take the cake. It's a biggie! They were nice enough to fly me up last month to see the show in person, and that really helped me get a grasp of the show's scope and look. I've never seen anything like it...a visual spectacle!"

Horn's Turn Off the Dark art isn't available to view just yet, but will likely reflect the style he's become known for at Marvel, Wizard and elsewhere.

Check out a few of Horn's previous Spider-Man pieces below:

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