Having made a name for himself in a series of hilarious sex scenes and other conspicuous instances of nudity as Jason Stackhouse in HBO's True Blood, Ryan Kwanten is going where every hunky six-packed actor must: the superhero genre. Specifically, Kwanten will take on the lead role in Griff the Invisible, which is actually a romantic comedy set in a superhero world. Kwanten's character seems to be a twist on the Clark Kent idea of a socially awkward secret identity, with Griff being a hero by night but a hopelessly idiosyncratic weirdo by day. His disconnection from humanity becomes more pronounced as time goes on -- that is, until he meets a woman just as quirky as he is. You see, "the greatest superpower... is love."

The first teaser trailer for Griff the Invisible does not depict any of what you just read. It appears more like a conventional superhero tale where the man confronts his beloved with the horrible truth of his secret life and how he is compelled to act and blah blah blah, which is a shame given the fairly intriguing premise devised by writer/director Leon Ford. Hopefully future publicity materials will more properly reflect the true nature of the film. You can check out the teaser trailer for Griff the Invisible after the jump.