Hasbro's treated toy collectors to their share of Iron Man 2 action figures, but there's something extra special about the hyper-posable and accessory-packed Mark VI suit Revoltech coming from Kaiyodo. Why, it may even be the most anticipated IM-related thing to come out of Japan next to Madhouse's upcoming Iron Man anime.
The upcoming Revoltech's preorder listing at the BigBadToyStore reveals its multiple repulsor and propulsion add-ons, along with plenty of interchangable hands and feet. Of course, all this will set collectors back $42.99, which is even more than Kaiyodo's Dark Knight Batman. That's a little pricey considering both heroes are billionaires and don't really need the dough.

It's also a bit of a bummer that the toy doesn't include a helmetless head bearing Robert Downey Jr.'s likeness, but its absence is cushioned by the fact that the Revoltech line features arguably more articulation than the human body.

See more of the upcoming Iron Man Mark VI Revoltech below:

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