Remember the beginnings of that awesome fan-made "Mobile Suit Gundam" statue constructed entirely from model kit runners (the plastic frames that builders pop pieces from) that was shaping up in Japan a few months back? Well, it's finally fully-formed and the results may be more impressive than any single regularly-assembled Namco Bandai kit.As reported by Tomopop, the affectionately named "Recycle Grade Gundam" took more than 250 hours to build over the course of 95 days. That's essentially 11 days of ceaseless, robotic effort, but the impressive payoff is well worth it to fans - especially as part of the franchise's 30th anniversary.

The just under ten-foot-tall sculpture's creation is fully chronicled at the Gundam Art blog (which may require some translation for as its all in Japanese), but you can peep a shot of its display in Dengeki Hobby's booth from this past weekend's Chara Hobby event in Japan below.

[Via Tomopop]

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