Gwenda Bond's Lois Lane series of young adult novels are some of the freshest and most exciting adaptations of comic book properties that you can get your hands on right now, and her take on teenage Lois Lane sticking her nose where she's told it doesn't belong and searching for the truth are not just true to the character, they're some of the best Lois Lane stories, period.

That's why it's such awesome news that the series is returning next year for a third novel, aptly titled Lois Lane: Triple Threat.

Announced today via The Hollywood ReporterLois Lane: Triple Threat is said to continue Lois' ongoing investigation into the crime and corruption that exists in Metropolis, while working as a blogger at The Daily Planet. It wouldn't be young adult fiction without a meaty romantic subplot to sink your teeth into, and this third installment is said to dig even deeper into Lois' online friendship with fellow budding reporter, the enigmatic teen known only as "SmallvilleGuy".

Gwenda Bond is no stranger to the comics industry, as on top of her work with Lois Lane, her other series of novels Girl on a Wire has its own standalone miniseries being published right now by Bond, Ming Doyle and Kate Leth, which bridges the gaps between two of the prose stories.

If you haven't ready any of the Lois Lane series of novels yet and they seem like they might be up your street, you can read "A Real Work of Art” and “Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction right now, which are two prequel stories that you can download for free right now!

Lois Lane: Triple Threat is due our early Spring 2017.


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