Constantly struggling to keep his innermost rage at bay only to gloriously unleash his fury upon those unlucky enough to be around him, the Hulk has one of the most sympathetic, relatable plights to comic book fans of all shapes, sizes and locations - and if you don't believe me on the locations front, look no further than "HALKa PAGLA."

From what I can gather based on their Facebook page, Bangladesh-based TaaR CHeeRA EntertainmenT's "HALKa" is a "parody short film" that retreads the Bruce Banner mythos, presumably without identifying Banner or the Hulk by name. But as our short, brutally humiliated protagonist transforms into a huge, menacing, horribly animated green giant closely resembling the Hulk, Taar CHeeRA's intentions become quite clear - to make all of their viewers smack their heads in one unified motion.To say that "HALKa" is baffling is an understatement, but let's get one thing straight - putting the Jade Giant in a jean skirt is an idea Marvel should at least consider.

[Link via Topless Robot]

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