There have been rumblings that DC Comics would be subtly nudging the look of its comic books to more closely match the films and TV shows they have in production, and in this week’s Harley Quinn #26, we may have got our first look at what that means.

The latest issue, by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Timms, Chad Hardin, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano, sees Harley and her friends returning to Coney Island after their most recent adventure in Gotham, and what better way to symbolize a new start than with a new movie-friendly makeover?

The most obvious change is the hair, which since the beginning of The New 52 has been a two-tone red and black, somewhat indicative of her original jester costume from Batman: The Animated Series. Now, after a quick dye, Harley is sporting a new blonde do, split into pigtails, with red and blue ombré on either side, almost identical to that of Margot Robbie’s look for Harley in the upcoming Suicide Squad.




Also, she’s gifted a new biker jacket with a very Batman:The Animated Series-looking Joker beat-up and behind bars on the back. While it is a bit weird to have an image of your ex-boyfriend on the back of your jacket with the word "OWNED" in spangly gold writing, Harley Quinn has never been someone to dress conventionally, especially in The New 52.

With Harley Quinn looking a lot more like her cinematic counterpart, can we expect similar from other characters in DC Rebirth? Is Batman going to rock a Frank Miller-esque chunky Bat-logo? Is The Joker going to get “damaged” tattooed across his forehead? Is The Flash going to be fun? We’ll have to wait and see what DC’s big Rebirth announcement on Saturday brings.


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