As much as we all loved Mattel's Secret Wars action figure line with its lenticular hologram shields, here 30 years into the future, Hasbro maaaaaay just have topped them with its new Marvel Super Hero Mashers. Comprised of removable body parts and accessories, the new Super Hero Mashers toys can be popped apart and reconfigured so that users can "make their own hero mash-up." You want a Hulk with Captain America's shield, Spider-Man's webs, Dr. Doom's cape and a righteous Iron Man helmet? With this line, mixing and matching is the name of the game and encourages just that kind of combo.

Leading the line's first wave are Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Patriot, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hawkeye and one lone villain, Doctor Doom. Sadly, there aren't any heroines or villainesses yet, but a second wave could see some join the mix-and-matching action.

Aesthetically reminiscent of Hasbro's 8" G.I. Joe Sigma 6 line that ran from 2005-2007, the new figures have angular sculpts and limbs replete with pegs for popping off and on armor and weapons.

Building a suitable collection of figures for swapping parts is on the affordable side, with the basic "Makers" figures going for about $10 a pop and the deluxe "Mashers" armed with extra armor and weapon pieces retailing for $15-20. Essentially, collectors can pick up all nine figures for about $125.

Over at Hasbro's website, fans can customize animated "comic book covers" using each figure's body parts. It's not quite the same as owning all of the toys, but it's an easy way to mix and match all of their parts for free and see what they're like in motion.

You can see all of the new Marvel Super Hero Mashers action figures below.


Marvel Super Hero Makers Captain America Figure

Marvel Super Hero Makers Spider-Man Figure

Marvel Super Hero Makers Doctor Doom Figure

Marvel Super Hero Makers Marvel's Hawkeye Figure

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Hulk Figure

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Thor Figure

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Electronic Iron Man Figure

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Electronic Wolverine Figure

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Iron Patriot Figure