Like a lot of fans who chased more than a dozen waves of ToyBiz's (and later Hasbro's) 6" Marvel Legends action figure line throughout the 2000s, I finally caved and came to accept the much smaller, but far more affordable 3.75" Marvel Universe that's effectively replaced it. I didn't even get overly excited when Hasbro offered a line of 6" Marvel Legends-style "Iron Man 2" action figures. New photos from Hasbro's Comic-Con booth at Toy News International could change all that, though.

It's unclear whether this marks the regular return of the "Marvel Legends" line, but Hasbro's upcoming Marvel Universe 6" Fan's Favorite toys with a scheduled debut in October. The Legends-style 2-packs look to include Black Widow and the Winter Soldier, Deadpool and Warpath, and the Hulk and Valkyrie. BW and WS, along with DP and WP seem to have variant versions as well.

With a list price of $19.99 per two-pack, the 6" line may even stand a chance against their shorter counterparts at retail.

See another image from Toynewsi after the jump.

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