"Agents of Atlas" writer (and @comicsalliance twitter follower) Jeff Parker just started a Twitter meme called "Hawkeye So Poor," devoted to mocking the Marvel superhero for his lack of ends in traditional "yo mama" fashion. Check out the hashtag for yourself and add your own, but first here are the highlights from Parker, "Brownsville" creator Neil Kleid, Invincible Super-Blog writer Chris Sims, and "Whiteout" artist Steve Lieber, who celebrated his birthday today by drawing an awesome illustration of Hawkeye's poverty:

Jeff Parker -- Hawkeye So Poor he changed his name to Clint Barter

Chris Sims -- Hawkeye So Poor when he was in the Thunderbolts, they had to call themselves the Chance of Rains.

Jeff Parker -- Hawkeye So Poor he got a H on his head 'cause he can't afford to ask for Help all the way

Neil Kleid -- Hawkeye so poor every arrow he shoot comes on a retrievable string with a tip cup

Steve Lieber -- Hawkeye so poor when he fight Arcade, he check the coin return.

Jeff Parker -- Lieber's Hawkeye So Poor he out on 42nd shooting blowjob arrows at johns