Dark Horse Comics and Stoller Family Estates Winery have teamed up to introduce Hellboy Reserve Pinot Noir, a wine that honors everyone's favorite surly but heroic demon, Hellboy. The red wine, a 2011 reserve, can be preordered now and becomes available on Halloween. It features a Hellboy label with Mike Mignola artwork.

The press release offers no warning regarding whether or not drinking this wine will lead you into supernatural adventures involving occult Nazis, animated skeletons, and Lovecraftian horrors, but you have to admit that doesn't seem unlikely. It will almost certainly lead to you trying to come up with demonic or Hellboy-related stuff that rhymes with "noir" so you can create a new version of the Pinot Noir song from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But let me assure you, that's actually much harder than you'd think.

Pinot Noir, inverted star

Homunculus named Roj-arr

See, it's really not worth the effort. The wine's probably worth a try, though.




From the press release:

“I can’t imagine a more fitting drink to both celebrate Mike Mignola‘s creative legacy and honor his most famous creation,” said Mike Richardson, President of Dark Horse Comics. “And it’s only fitting that the first time that fans can raise a glass of Hellboy Reserve Pinot Noir will be on Halloween.”

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dark Horse Comics on the special Hellboy wine,“ said Gary Mortensen, President of Stoller Family Estate. “It’s quite an honor to share our wine with such a passionate fan base and to be associated with the amazingly iconic character Hellboy.”


Please Note That Pinot Noir May Not Be Appropriate For Your Workplace

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