If our weekly Ask Chris column isn't enough of definitive comic book (and pro wrestling) opinions for you, good news: ComicsAlliance is proud to present Here's The Thing, a series of videos where you can join our own extremely opinionated senior writer, Chris Sims, as he sits in his living room under a framed portrait of Destro, drinking a cup of coffee and sharing his opinion on comic books.

This week, Chad Bowers returns for a debate that he and Chris have argued over long car rides to conventions: Did Captain America kill enemy soldiers in World War II? Chad obviously thinks that he did because that's what soldiers do, but Chris is hung up on superheroic genre conventions and what it really means to go to war only carrying a shield. They try to hash it out in less than 15 minutes, and you get to watch!

Show Notes:

  • Chad Bowers can be found on Twitter right here.
  • In the comics, Captain America definitely did kill in World War II -- there are plenty of Simon and Kirby panels showing him lobbing grenades at Nazis who aren't there anymore in the next panel.
  • The movie that Chris quotes with regards to Cap's hatred of bullies? Oh he definitely kills people in that, too.
  • But, there are several times where Cap has insisted that Avengers don't kill!
  • Find out how Cap deals with vampires in the Roger Stern/John Byrne run.

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