Geekdom has grown rapidly in the past few years, extending beyond comic shelves and hitting the apparel market. Brands such as WeLoveFine and Her Universe have made an effort to incorporate geek culture into their collections and introduce trendy apparel for every type of fandom. With Hero Mode, ComicsAlliance hopes to offer you a selection of the best geek-themed apparel for your wardrobe, inspired by your favorite characters.

This time, to mark Benedict Cumberbatch’s upcoming appearance as Doctor Stephen Strange in Marvel's Doctor Strange movie, we’ve channeled the mystic energies of fandom to find you some supremely sorcerous apparel.

Created by legendary artist Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange first appeared in Strange Tales #110. A former surgeon, he traded in his scrubs for a flamboyant outfit featuring big jewelry, a fabulous cape, and the most amazing collar in comics. Doctor Strange is surely one of the flashiest dressers in the Marvel Univese, and it's kind of amazing to see the movie even attempt to bring him to life.

You're not going to find anything quite so stylish in the world of geek clothing, but we can point you in the direction of sweatshirts and tees that celebrate the doctor's extraordinary appearance in a more... everyday kind of way. Looking for a trippy blacklight t-shirt, or a chance to wear Strange's signature symbol proudly on your chest? We've got you covered.

Doctor Strange is scheduled for release November 4 2016.



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