HeroClix Online is expanding its Marvel Comics lineup with its first wave of the Infinity Challenge collection update, which adds 30 new figures and a new map battle to the digitized version of the tabletop game. This is the first update of two, with the second set to add more than 20 additional figures in October for a total of nearly 180 Marvel HeroClix Online pieces to choose from across all three Marvel boards.From the HeroClix Online press release:

"Infinity Challenge was the initial collection released at the launch of HeroClix 2002," said said V.P. of Marketing at NECA, Justin Ziran. "It's exciting to see these Marvel characters available for players in digital form. Not only will the set add new content, it will also provide players an additional, lower-cost option for collecting and tournament play."

HCO is charging $0.95 per booster figure, which could add up quick if you want to buy every figure. Seasoned HC players will probably be able to navigate the set without emptying their wallets completely, however, especially since these pieces have been available in physical form since 2002. New players, however, will have some decisions to make. All the mix'n and matchin', man!

Check out new screens of the Infinity Challenge characters below: