As iconic as the 1993-94 Batman: Knightfall storyline is for longtime comic book fans, the year when Batman fought back against a broken back can be somewhat difficult to explain to folks new to '90s Bat lore. In light of the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie casting Tom Hardy as Bane, Batfans owe it to themselves to brush up on this history (even if it is being sort of relaunched in September), that they may serve as an asset to inquisitive friends. Resident CA Batmanologist Chris Sims has done his part, but YouTube hooligans Cooking With Comics have concocted perhaps the greatest single Knightfall synopsis video of all time... that features cooking.Originally posted all the way back in 2008, Cooking With Comics successfully sums up the entirety of the twisty Knightfall narrative while dishing up a "delightful caprese salad" -- all in less than nine minutes. Under normal circumstances laughably lo-fi production values might seem at odds with basic comics recap coherence, but Max Landis and crew are clearly masters of the viral video format. Considering Landis' Hollywood pedigree, it should probably come as no surprise.

Absorb all the wacky exposition laid atop stupendous garage sale grade costumes below:

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