Michel Fiffe's COPRA

Available From: Etsy / MichelFiffe.com

Price: $5 per issue ($60 for the whole 12-issue subscription)

As a holiday gift-giver, one of your goals should be the elusive "gift that keeps on giving," something that will delight your giftee for the entire year. And really, the easiest way to do that is to make sure they get every copy of Michel Fiffe's COPRA as it comes out.If you've been reading CA for the past few months, you probably already know how much we love COPRA, Fiffe's independent tribute to Suicide Squad. It's one of our favorite new books of the year, and in addition to selling each individual issue, Fiffe's giving readers the chance to subscribe by contacting him and letting him know where they'd like to start -- so if you've already got the first one or two, you can just pay for the rest and sit back and enjoy.

There's no price break for subscriptions -- $5 for a fully independent, full-color, 24-page comic is already pretty low -- but you are guaranteed early shipping and a low number from each issue's print run of 400 copies. It's a great comic, and a year-long subscription will be the perfect gift for a fan of indie books, Suicide Squad or awesome comics in general.

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