To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure

Available From: Kickstarter

Price: $30.00

For those of us here at ComicsAlliance, Dinosaur Comics and the Adventure Time comic have made Ryan North the kind of creator whose books we'll just buy, no questions asked. They always turn out pretty awesome, so when he says he's going to rewrite Hamlet as a choosable-path story where you can play as Hamlet, Ophelia or Hamlet's Dad Who Dies On Page 2, we're pretty much there. The only problem is that it won't be out 'til March, which makes it... let's just say "less than ideal" as a Holiday gift.

Fortunately, he has come up with a solution!If you back the Kickstarter at the $30 level, you'll get a Hamletty Holiday card that you can print out and give to your giftee! And, of course, you'll get the signed copy of the book when it comes out in March, and an ebook copy (so, you know, you can keep one for your own darn self too).

As a result, it makes a pretty solid gift for fans of North's comics, fans of Hamlet, fans of Choosing Your Own Adventure (or Fighting Fantasies, being a Lone Wolf, and so on), even if it's just the promise of a future present. But if you feel like that card needs to come with something else, there's a solution to that, too. You can grab another Kickstarter-funded Choosable Path adventure by a fantastic webcomics creator, Zach Weiner's Trial of the Clone, for a mere ten bucks on Amazon right now (and it's well worth it).

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