Superhero Pinboards

Available From: Pottery Barn Kids

Price: $39.00

For comic book fans, art is always a pretty safe choice for gift-giving, but as great as it is to have an original of Batman riding a unicorn or whatever, the major flaw is that you are not generally encouraged to stick things into it with thumbtacks. Fortunately, Pottery Barn has solved that problem with their new line of superhero pinboards.

Oh, Pottery Barn! Is there any problem you can't solve?

The boards clock in at 16" square, with art from luminaries like Dick Sprang, John Romita and Jack Kirby printed on corkboard that you can stick your own scribblings, reminders and shopping lists to. They're pretty pricey at forty bucks each, but if you happen to be really into Batman, Spider-Man or Captain America -- and let's be honest, if you're reading a comic book news website, you probably are -- they'd make an awesome addition to your office.

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