The Batman Hooded Cozy

Available From: Amazon

Price: $31.99

If you followed along with last year's gift guide, you may recall my endorsement of the Batman Blanket-With-Sleeves, a product that I actually own (because of course I do). Apparently, the intervening year has seen a comfy arms race with the Forever Lazy, because snuggie technology has now advanced: The Batman Blanket now has a cowl.I'm not even sure how that works, but it is a truly amazing bit of design, and apparently, there are a few variations. The one pictured above features the full mask and a design inspired by the Neal Adams/Jim Aparo/Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez era of the character, but there's at least one that just has a hood, as modeled by a gentleman who looks very upset about the entire enterprise:

If you wanted to go a little more mature in your gift-giving, the snuggie industry has you covered there as well -- both figuratively and literally -- with the actual Dark Knight Rises snuggie, a product I somehow did not make up.

When Gotham City is comfy... then you have my permission to die.

(Quick note about pricing, $31.99 is the price on Amazon, but there are other places that have offered it a little cheaper. Predictably, they are now sold out.)

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