I'll never forget the day that I bought the first volume of "Scott Pilgrim," Bryan Lee O'Malley's story about a sort-of noble Canadian loser/hero who falls in love with an American ninja delivery girl and is forced to battle her seven evil exes (soon to be a major motion picture).

I was working at a comic shop at the time, and after hearing that I'd somehow missed the boat on SP, a co-worker insisted that I pick it up. "You know," he said, "you should just do yourself a favor and buy all three right now. You're going to be back for them anyway."

He was right. And now you too have a chance to save yourself the trouble of repeat visits to the comic shop, thanks to a new Borders 3-Pack of the first three volumes.

Obviously you should own these yourself, but "Scott Pilgrim" also has remarkable crossover potential outside of the typical comics readership. It will likely be a good holiday gift for a friend or lover if he or she likes any of the following things: Video games, manga, martial arts, fantasy, sarcasm, joy, cute girls, cute boys, playing in a band, being a 20-something, being a slacker, being a smartass, or love.

If they don't, good luck with that.