Here's some news that's bound to please ComicsAlliance assistant editor Caleb Goellner - "Kick-Ass" T-shirts are currently available for ordering through Hot Topic, Caleb's favorite store of all time!*

Some shirts are utilizing artwork from John Romita Jr., while others are taking screen caps from the film, like this particular Hit Girl tee. Still others are foregoing character reveals altogether, instead relying on familiar slogans like "I can't fly, but I can kick your ass" and "with no power comes no responsibility."

With "Kick-Ass" hitting theaters this weekend, you might catch yourself feeling the spirit and wanting to get in on the fun with some appropriate apparel. If so, you could certainly do worse than one of these shirts, unless you're willing to get your wetsuit on via eBay - in which case, you are advised to rock out accordingly.

* = Caleb used to play hardcore shows at Hot Topic when he was a youngster. Now that he's a married man, he only listens to Radio Disney and the "TaleSpin" theme song. True story.

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