The line between fashion and cosplay is blurrier than ever with Hot Topic's new fashion line based on DC Comics: Bombshells. Not that it was ever a particularly stark distinction to begin with, and the difference is almost irrelevant to the Bombshells, since Marguerite Sauvage and the other artists who've worked with Marguerite Bennett on the digital first comic have done a fantastic job of dressing the characters in cute period-appropriate clothes instead of the outlandish outfits common to other superhero comics (especially where women are concerned). So you can wear exactly what the Bombshells characters wear and still be appropriately attired for just about any social setting, not just those held on Halloween or at comic book conventions.




The Wonder Woman top, for example, features the Wonder Woman logo, but it's an actual shirt (and a cute shirt) not a corset with a metal breastplate or whatever. Wear it to dress like Bombshells Wonder Woman, or just wear it with any outfit to show your affection for the character.




These shorts are even less recognizable as a costume element. If you look closely, the six buttons contain stars, but if you wear them without the Wonder Woman top, they just look like cute blue vintagey shorts.




Harley's bomber jacket, with the embroidered Joker on the back, is a recognizable costume item if you know this version of the character, but it's also a bomber jacket with a picture of the joker on the back. It could go with any outfit, although you might feel the need to explain that the Joker isn't a particularly big reason you're wearing it.




You can wear this Poison Ivy dress to any event and only those in the know will catch on that you're dressed as a plant monster, although the little bat symbols embedded in the print might be a clue that something's up.




Batwoman's baseball dress is the most costumey piece, but it's still a fun dress that's cut well, and honestly who doesn't want to dress as Batwoman. Her baseball cap is sold separately, so you can wear it with the dress or just wear it with everything you wear.

The DC Comics Bombshells Collection is already available at Hot Topic online or in stores.


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