This morning, Hot Toys formally unveiled the Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man Hulkbuster sixth-scale figure. As arguably the most anticipated collectible from the series, fans had been salivating and speculating for months about what to expect. Judging from the announcement, those expectations will be met, and then some.

Coming in at 21" tall, the Hot Toys Hulkbuster is easily one of the largest pieces the company's ever produced. The images showing the Hulkbuster off depict it in battle with the Hot Toys Hulk from AOU, which was previously one of the biggest sixth-scale figures in the line. You can see that Hulkbuster dwarfs the Hulk both in height and width. Probably the closest comparable would be ThreeZero's Titanfall Atlas Titan, which at just under two feet tall is both awesome, pricey, and incredibly hard to make room for on a shelf.

While the Hulkbuster figure won't be able to fit a Hot Toys Iron Man inside, it does come with an Iron Man bust beneath the helmet. If you recall the original Iron Man Iron Monger figure, it had a bust of Obidiah Stane beneath its helm. That's basically what you'll see here, only this bust includes light up eyes and an arc reactor in the chest. And that's in addition to the rest of the 16 different LED lights on the regular Hulkbuster figure, located in his eyes, palms, legs and back.

The only question now, besides price, is just how articulated the Hulkbuster will be when it arrives. The Hulk has very limited articulation compared to the rest of the Avengers, and as the Hulkbuster is even bigger with more intricate detail, I'm curious to learn just how much posability this massive figure will offer. The production images don't give me much hope we'll see much beyond shoulder, wrist, ankle and knee movement, but there's always hope for more.

Update: You can now pre-order the Hulkbuster from Sideshow Collectibles. It will cost you $824.99, and is due to arrive by June 2016.