For years, Hot Toys has been releasing licensed figures as part of its Movie Masterpieces line. Anticipation for what the 300th figure in the long-running collection would be started peaking earlier this year as the number of new announcements drew us ever-closer to the magical tricentennial collectible.

If you've been following the company's release slate for the past seven years, you'd know Hot Toys has a certain affinity for Iron Man. As such, it came as little surprise to learn that Hot Toys MMS 300 would be yet again another Iron Man figure. Hey, at least it's an all-new design this time.

To this point, Iron Man figures make up approximately 70% of all Hot Toys figures. That's a rough estimate with absolutely no science behind the data. The latest is based on the Mark XLV armor Iron Man donned in the final third of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The head, chest and hands feature LED lights, as has been the norm for Iron Man figures for the past seven years. This figure will be part of the Die Cast line, which is a relatively new twist to the formula, but it also raises the price of the figure quite a bit with all those real metal parts.

Unlike the past few armors, the MK XLV will feature thruster fire accessories, so you can make it look like Iron Man is flying around on your shelves. He'll also have laser blasts for the pop-up forearm lasers. In addition to 30 points of articulation, the MK XLV also has a damaged chest plate and a few different palms to work with. The big accessory here though is the diorama base with the busted Ultron Sentry Prime.

If you happen to like the design of the MK XLV armor (which I do), Hot Toys' sculpt captures it rather well. There's a definite burnout happening with all these Iron Man figures, but this particular suit should be all we get for the next year or so. That should be a decent break from the barrage of armors we've been inundated with by Hot Toys. At least in theory, anyway.

The Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man MK XLV is available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles for $354.99, and is due to arrive between July and September of next year.

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