Hot Toys has released its share of 1/6 scale Iron Man figures over the years to correspond with the hero's two standalone films, but with the release of the Mark VII model, there's officially an Armored Avenger on the market. Though it lacks the dope shades packed with some previous figures, this may be the most balanced Hot Toys Iron Man yet. The Avengers Iron Man Mark VII figure is presented not unlike a high-performance sports car packed with luxury features, which is fitting given that Tony "Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" Stark wears his armor with the same bravado. These include interchangeable pristine/battle damaged armor plates, fully deployable back and leg air flaps, an unmasked Tony Stark head bearing a dead-on Robert Downey Jr. likeness, forearm weapons aplenty, plus light-up eyes and repulsors. Certain retailers will also be offering a variant version of the figure that comes with a miniature Mark VII hologram. No word on exactly when the toy will arrive at retail, but based on the cost of previous IM figures, be ready to spend around $200 or more on this bad boy. Check out more images of Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece The Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 scale figure after the cut.

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