Whatever your feelings toward Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, there's one thing Bat-fans of all stripes can agree on: Hot Toys' has made super wonderful toys based the film. Set to arrive in the first quarter of 2012, Hot Toys' 12" Batman and Joker look a whole lot better than that totally spent, garbled Batman VHS you watched 100 times before you'd ever even heard of a DVD. Why, you can practically hear Prince crooning just looking at their press images.

Sporting a glorious number of movie-accurate accessories (Batman's got an interchangeable bloody face, Joker's got a pistol with a 3' barrel), these fully-articulated masterpieces are everything you thought Toy Biz's far more humble line offered as a kid, only without that awesome retractable Bat-rope coming out of Batman's stomach. C'mon, Hot Toys! Give the fans me what they I want! Also, if you're still reading my madness, throw in a hyper-realistic Bob the Goon (with removable hat and shiny bald-spot) figure in your next Batman wave!

As with every Hot Toys release, these figures are pricy. Sideshow currently has Batman listed at roughly $240 for pre-order and the Joker fetches $265. Who knows, though, maybe a blatantly evil clown will rain money from the skies tomorrow and you can grab some up before you're horribly poisoned?

Check out Hot Toys' Batman movie figures below:



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