For the past year or so, Hot Toys has been teasing life-size statues of its licensed figures from the Marvel, Star Wars and DC Comics universes. Though the gigantic pieces have typically been "display only" and never put up for sale, there was always a feeling Hot Toys was taking the temperature of fan interest in taking a giant Chris Evans or Hulkbuster home. Given Hot Toys' adoration of Iron Man, many speculated a life-size Tony Stark would be the first to make the leap to the consumer market. That's not the case however, and today Hot Toys surprised everyone by revealing the life-size Armored Batman as the first in this new 1:1 scale series.

Now I've stuck up for the look of this suit despite my general feelings of malaise towards Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and that holds true to this larger version as well. The armored batsuit is well-designed armor outfit that's hard to find fault with... to a degree. It's pretty damn accurate to the comic it's based on, and like I've said before, it maintains Batman's striking silhouette even though it's a giant metal suit. When kept at the 1:1 size ratio, which makes Batman here a hefty 6' 4", the more questionable design elements stand out a bit more. I'm talking about that cod piece.

I don't know what it is about that piece of metal, but it just summons your gaze like someone waving to you from across the airport. Only then you realize they weren't waving at you, they were waving at someone behind you, and now you just spent a few seconds staring at them and it's super-awkward. It's not quite David Bowie in Labyrinth, but it does leave little to the bat-imagination. Don't get me wrong; it's a sensible piece of armor. That it's the only piece of metal in that area just makes it stand out so dramatically, it's hard to look away.

The statue will include light-up eyes and a fabric cape, as well as a "detailed likeness of Batman's lower face." It's a curious thing to call out with regards to authenticity, but since it's literally the only part of the figure that has any skin showing, I guess Hot Toys felt the need to remind you that it is an officially licensed Ben Affleck under there even if you can't see him.

There is no pricing or release date information available at this time, but if we use Sideshow Collectibles' own life-size statues as a litmus test, you can expect to pay between $8000-$10,000 for Batfleck. So put away those plans for a kidney transplant or that down payment on your starter home. This is obviously way more important and a better value for your dollar.

Hot Toys has also threatened teased that more life-size collectibles are coming, so definitely find out if your organs are still worth as much on the black market as you thought if you want to keep adding to your collection.


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