It looks like Hot Toys is wasting no time in rolling out its Captain America: The Winter Soldier figures. With the film's April 4 opening just weeks away, the Hong Kong toymaker's following a fairly comprehensive teaser image up with a baker's dozen new press images of the latest 1/6 scale Black Widow figure. Like previous Marvel movie versions of the superspy, this one looks to be the spitting image of Scarlett Johansson and come packed with everything a red ledger-wiper needs to shatter S.H.I.E.L.D. enemy spines.

Apart from her straighter 'do and darker spy suit (with the reddest Widow symbol belt buckle yet), the most prominent difference between this Black Widow figure and Hot Toys' previous Avengers and Iron Man 2 offerings is the addition of what look to be some new Widow's Bite gloves/bracelets emblazoned with blue piping. According to HT's official product listing, these are "Widow’s Bite bracelets with real-like electric shock effect." We'll take that to mean that they light-up or make some kind of fun sound and don't affect your central nervous system or bake your organic tissue.

Aside from this shocking new handwear, the roughly 11" tall figure will come with nine interchangeable gloved hands in assorted poses, a futuristic-looking mobile phone, two pistols, her traditional Widow's Bite bracelets and a specialized figure base.

Unlike a lot of high end Hot Toys figures, this new Black Widow won't take too long to arrive in specialty stores and online with a $189.99 price tag and an estimated September, 2014 release date.