As impressive as Black Widow's combat skills were in this summer's The Avengers film, they're still rivaled by her stop motion animated action figure adventures in Patrick Boivin's 2011 short, "Black Widow Gone Wild," which starred the 1/6 scale BW figure from Hot Toys' Iron Man 2 line. Featuring a brand new -- and super Scarlet Johansson-y -- sculpt and accessories, the new Avengers version of the heroine by Hot Toys looks like it has even more potential to take on enemy action figures -- namely Loki. Due out for around $190 at various retailers toward the end of 2012, Widow should have plenty of help on her missions alongside HT's already announced Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America and Thor figures (with Hulk and Iron Man Mark VII in the offing). You can see Hot Toys' full gallery of Black Widow 1/6 scale figure images after the break.

[Via Hot Toys]

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