In Captain America: The Winter Soldier fans saw Anthony Mackie stand still in his Falcon flight suit for all of .0003 seconds. While that certainly resulted in a lot of cool action sequences, it also meant that most of us have very little idea what the star's wings actually look like when he, y'know, stands still. Leave it to Hot Toys to reveal the hero's wingspan with a 1/6 scale collectible figure sometime by the end of 2014, or maybe first thing in 2015.

Equipped with an LED light up flight backpack, wings, googles, two submachine guns, 4 pairs of swappable hands and a custom base, the 11.81" tall Falcon figure is ready to take on The Winter Soldier (and giant evil Helicarriers) alongside Captain America, Black Widow and any other figure fit for the fight.

Retailers such as Sideshow Toys are now accepting preorders for the figure for around $250.

You can get a closer look at Hot Toys' upcoming 1/6 scale Falcon figure below.