Every single member of the Guardians of the Galaxy got a figure from Hot Toys over the last two years except for Drax. Oh, Drax was certainly teased a number of times, but the honor-bound meathead never made it outside the confines of those glass displays. If his figure never saw the light of day, it certainly wouldn't have been the only time a series was left unfinished, but fortunately that won't be the case. Despite Hot Toys' best attempts to keep the Destroyer locked away, the green brute will finally be able to join up with the rest of the galaxy's heroic rogues.

Based on the likeness of Dave Bautista, Hot Toys' Drax is damn impressive. The company's been on a streak of good-but-not-great likenesses as of late, but Drax here seems to be getting back on track. Again though, we're trapped in a land of bland expressions. Drax is a man of action. He should at least look like he's ready to fight instead of stuck in line at the DMV. I know Drax is overly serious in the film, but would it kill Hot Toys' sculptors to make it look like these characters are having any feelings beyond the grim realization of the eventual heat death of the universe?

Drax will also have an entirely new muscular body build, though I'm curious if this is the same base body that was teased for the Captain America: Civil War Cap. Have you seen the new and improved Chris Evans in that trailer? Dude is a brick house with a side of beef cake. He might not give WWE Bautista a run for his money, but he might be able to muscle up to movie star Dave.

Anyway, this body sculpt isn't just ripped, it's also heavily tattooed. While the casual onlooker might just think Drax is a big fan of Affliction, the tats actually tell his life story, including how and when he met his wife, and reminds him every day of what Ronan took away. In the film it's hard to make out all that terrific detail, but you can tell just from these production images that Hot Toys' sculptors went to great lengths to capture every last bit of minutiae. If these were merely painted on, you'd miss out on that level of intricacy. It's a great touch.

That same level of detail is carried over to his knives as well, with the carvings giving them a truly personalized look. Hot Toys also threw in a bazooka from the Kyln escape because why not? Perhaps the company felt the wait was so long it needed to give a little something extra. Most of the Guardians figures have been fairly barebones, except for Star-Lord, so getting any kind of accessory beyond a few hands and knives for Drax is welcome.

Pre-orders and pricing details aren't available just yet, but Drax is scheduled to arrive during Q3-4 in Hong Kong. Given how drastic the disparity has been between overseas and US releases as of late, he'll likely make it out here in the States sometime in early 2017 from Sideshow Collectibles.

Update: Drax is now available for pre-order for $219.99 from Sideshow. He's currently slated to ship between August and October 2016.


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