The Iron Man 3 trailer gave fans a grim vision of an approaching future where all of Tony Stark's classic armors are blown to hell by his enemies. Hot Toys fans needn't fear such badness for their 1/6th scale collections, however, as the company has an Iron Man 2-era Diorama Series due out around May that recreates Tony's Hall of Armors in action figure form. Encasing suits (figures sold separately, of course) in movie-accurate pods fitted with transparent displays complete with hologram-like stickers and LED light-up functions, HT's Hall of Armor looks like it could work wonders to transform a collector's comparatively humble abode into something resembling Tony Stark's cliffside mansion basement workshop... if they can afford it.

Preorder site Big Bad Toy Store is currently listing the individual armor displays with nearly $125 price tags, with a set of four fetching about $435 and a set of seven (to hold Mark I through Mark VII, naturally) for about $740. That's... a pretty Tony Stark-ian expense for the average collector, especially considering a decent 1/6 scale HT figure usually costs about $130 by itself.

You can get a more extensive look at the 1/6 scale Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor coming from Hot Toys below.

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[Via Hot Toys]

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