If you dig Hot Toys but find their 1/6 scale figures a little more suited to Tony Stark's toy budget than your own, the company's got a line of Iron Man 3 Cosbaby figures that are priced a little more within everyone's reach. By the end of April, HT will release eight new 3" figures bearing designs that, as the "Cosbaby" name suggests, basically look like a cosplaying baby. Previous Cosbaby sets grouped a handful of the figures, but the first IM3 Cosbaby series will box Tony Stark and Iron Man suits Mark I-VII into one set, along with a "specially designed Hall of Armor paper backdrop and mini paper stage" to maximize display possibilities.

Hot Toys hasn't announced full price info yet, but considering previous Cosbaby prices, the box set will probably fall probably fall in the $80-100 range. We'll update the post as soon as proper info pops up on preorder sites.

It's a little weird not to see the Mark VIII and potential "Deep Space" armors in this set, but HT is never one to miss an opportunity to churn out more armors, so it's safe to expect them down the road at some point as part of future IM3 Cosbaby assortments.

You can take a good look at all the Iron Man 3 Cosbaby figures from Hot Toys, below.

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