Following a few teasers on its Facebook page, Hot Toys has finally given fans a very thorough look at its Iron Man 3 version of Tony Stark... and it's a whole lot more than just a goatee'ed dude with a glowing arc reactor in his chest. On top of recreating star Robert Downey Jr.'s likeness in their trademark haunting detail, Hot Toys is packing this 1/6 scale Tony Stark with tons of tools, quite a few pieces of his new Mark VIII armor and more or less his entire workshop (sans his previously-released giant gantry setup and hall of armor, which fans can still pick up separately). Sure, the IM3 trailer doesn't exactly bode well for the room where Stark built most of his most iconic movie suits thus far, but fans should be able to still get plenty of mileage out of the sweet setup. Pricing info isn't available just yet, but fans can probably expect to drop a few hundred on this figure when it arrives in the second quarter of this year. You can take a much closer look at the 1/6 scale Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Tony Stark figure and all its accessories, after the cut.

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[Via Hot Toys]

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